Safety Blood Lancet

A plastic safety blood lancet is a medical consumable device that is designed for the safe and sterile collection of capillary blood samples from patients. It consists of a plastic body with a sharp, lancet-shaped tip that is used to puncture the skin. Key professional terminology that could be included in the description might include terms like “safety lancet,” “needle gauge,” “depth setting,” and “capillary action.”

Material: Plastic and Steel

Size: 21g,23G,26g,28g,30g

Color:  Red, Light Blue, Beige, Blue, Purple

Application: Collect Blood Samples



Applications and settings:

Plastic safety blood lancets are used in a variety of medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare. They are specifically designed for the collection of capillary blood samples, typically for blood glucose monitoring or other diagnostic tests. The lancets can be used on the fingertips, palms, or other areas of the body with thin skin.


Plastic blood lancets offer several advantages over other blood collection methods, including:

  • Safety: Plastic blood lancets are designed to minimize the risk of accidental needlestick injuries to healthcare workers and patients.
  • Sterility: Each lancet is individually packaged and sterile, reducing the risk of infection.
  • Convenience: Plastic blood lancets are portable and can be used at home or on the go.
  • Minimal pain: The sharp lancet tip is designed to minimize discomfort during blood collection.
  • Accurate results: The precision of the lancet tip allows for accurate and consistent blood sampling for diagnostic testing.

Disposable Safety Blood Lancet: Ensuring Safety and Hygiene
The disposable safety blood lancet is a compact, user-friendly tool utilized in blood tests. Its integrated needle core is entirely enclosed, preventing exposure before and after use. This design effectively safeguards healthcare workers from accidental needle injuries. Once deployed, the needle core automatically locks, ensuring it cannot be reused. This feature not only prevents potential infections but also contributes to the overall safety of medical procedures.


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