Dental Cotton Roll

Dental Cotton Roll is a type of medical consumable made from non-woven fabric or pure cotton, designed to absorb excess saliva, blood, or other fluids during dental procedures. It is a crucial tool for maintaining a dry working area in the oral cavity and ensuring optimal visibility for the dentist.

Dental Cotton Roll is typically made from pure cotton or non-woven fabric, both of which are highly absorbent and free from harmful chemicals or additives.

Common specifications of Dental Cotton Roll include different sizes and shapes, such as cylindrical, rectangular, or triangular, depending on the specific application. It is available in various packaging options, including sterile and non-sterile versions.

Dental Cotton Roll is commonly used in dental clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities for a wide range of procedures, including filling, crown preparation, and root canal therapy. It is also used for diagnostic purposes, such as detecting caries or checking occlusal contacts.


The advantages of the Dental Cotton Roll are as follows:

    • Provides excellent absorbency to keep the working area dry and improve visibility
    • Made from safe and high-quality materials to ensure patient safety and comfort
    • Easy to use and handle, with different sizes and shapes to fit various oral cavities
    • Cost-effective and widely available, making it an essential tool for dental professionals
    • Can be used for multiple purposes, including diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Overall, Dental Cotton Roll is an essential medical consumable that plays a crucial role in maintaining a dry and clear working area in the oral cavity during dental procedures. Its superior absorbency, safety, and versatility make it a must-have tool for every dental professional.


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