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As a leading provider in the healthcare industry, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of high-quality medical infusion sets(IV set) and related consumables. Our products are meticulously crafted to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring accurate and efficient medication administration.

JINYE's Streamlined Medical Infusion Set Solutions

Our comprehensive portfolio includes precision filter infusion sets, standard infusion sets, micro-adjustable infusion sets, burette-type infusion sets, non-PVC infusion sets, light-protected disposable infusion sets, and both bottle-based and bag-based infusion sets. As a trusted provider, we offer a complete selection of infusion sets and tailored solutions to cater to the specific requirements of healthcare facilities.

Standard Medical Infusion Set

As one of the earliest disposable infusion sets used in China, Standard Infusion Sets have gained widespread popularity due to their affordability and versatility. These sets feature a fiber filter membrane with an approximate pore size of 15μm. However, they have certain limitations. The larger pore size results in lower filtration efficiency, and the fiber filter membrane can detach and form insoluble particles when exposed to acidic or alkaline medications, potentially leading to vascular occlusion, phlebitis, and adverse infusion reactions.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using Standard Infusion Sets when administering strong acid or alkaline drugs. Nonetheless, for certain special injection formulations such as lipid microspheres that may aggregate in the solvent, it is recommended to use Standard Infusion Sets with larger pore sizes for infusion purposes.

Precision Filtration Infusion Set

The Precision Filtration Infusion Set is designed to filter particles with a diameter of 5μm or smaller. This disposable infusion set offers high filtration precision and prevents the shedding of foreign matter, effectively filtering out particles and reducing local irritation to prevent the occurrence of phlebitis. It utilizes a nuclear pore membrane as the filter, featuring a dual-layer filtration medium that provides strong particle retention, regular filtration pores, and minimal drug adsorption.

The Precision Filtration Infusion Set follows strict grading of pore sizes, allowing for the selection of suitable pore sizes based on clinical needs: 5μm, 3μm, 2μm, 1.2μm, and 0.2μm. This infusion set is suitable for various patient populations, including children, elderly individuals, cancer patients, cardiovascular disease patients, critically ill patients, and those requiring long-term infusion. It is compatible with a wide range of medications, including traditional Chinese medicine, antibiotics, nutritional supplements, potassium chloride, fructose, mannitol, lipid emulsions, and chemotherapy drugs.

Medical Light-Resistant Infusion Set

The Disposable Light-Resistant Infusion Set is a disposable infusion set designed to provide light protection, typically appearing in brown color. Disposable Light-resistant infusion sets that have been approved by regulatory authorities possess specific light-avoiding wavelengths and are suitable for use with certain medications.

In clinical practice, there are medications that can undergo reactions when exposed to light, including antineoplastic drugs, nitroprusside for blood pressure control, certain vasodilators, water-soluble vitamins, and certain fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Therefore, when administering these medications, it is crucial to select a light-resistant infusion set.

The Disposable light-resistant infusion set is manufactured using medical-grade light-protective materials. Some medications, due to their unique chemical structure, can undergo complex reactions such as ring cleavage, rearrangement, hydrolysis, polymerization, and oxidation-isomerization when exposed to light during the infusion process. This can lead to discoloration, precipitation, decreased potency, and even the formation of toxic substances, posing risks to human health. Hence, it is essential to use light-resistant infusion sets when administering these medications, ensuring proper light protection throughout the infusion process.

Medical Speed-Regulating Infusion Set

The Speed-Regulating Infusion Set is designed to provide precise control over medication infusion rates, with an adjustable range of 5-250ml/h. It caters to a wide range of clinical medication requirements, eliminating the potential for flow rate errors caused by various factors. This ensures adherence to medication standards while achieving the therapeutic objectives of intravenous infusion.

The Speed-Regulating Infusion Set is suitable for the administration of medications such as growth inhibitors, chemotherapy drugs, and antihypertensive medications. It is specifically designed as an infusion set for accurate regulation of fluid flow rates. By utilizing a regulator to control the flow rate with precision, this infusion set maximizes the effectiveness of medication delivery while minimizing the occurrence of adverse reactions associated with excessive fluid administration.

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Medical Non-PVC Infusion Set

The Disposable Non-PVC Infusion Set is an innovative alternative to traditional infusion sets made from PVC. It is manufactured using high-performance thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), which are considered safer and offer superior performance for disposable infusion systems. TPE infusion sets are free from plasticizers, and thermal stabilizers, and exhibit no drug adsorption, making them non-toxic, non-contaminating, and environmentally friendly products that do not compromise medication efficacy or patient health.

The Non-PVC Infusion Set is particularly suitable for the administration of lipophilic drugs, cardiovascular drugs, and anti-tumor medications. Its use of TPE as the primary material ensures the compatibility and integrity of the infused drugs, providing a reliable and safe solution for intravenous therapy.

Burette Type Infusion Set

Medical Burette Type Infusion Set

Burette Type Infusion Set is a specialized infusion system designed for precise medication delivery and is particularly suitable for pediatric patients and situations that require accurate control of infusion dosage. This comprehensive set includes components such as a protective cover for bottle puncture, bottle puncture device, infusion accessory, graduated titration tube, flow control valve, drip chamber, medication filter, air filter, tubing, and flow regulator.

Burette Type Infusion Set enables healthcare professionals to administer medications with exceptional precision and control. Its titration tube with clearly marked scales allows the accurate measurement and adjustment of the desired dosage. With its reliable flow control valve and filtering capabilities, this infusion set ensures the safe and accurate delivery of medications while minimizing the risk of contamination or errors.

The Bottle-Type and Bag-Type Infusion Sets

The Bottle-Type and Bag-Type Infusion Sets

The Bottle-Type and Bag-Type Infusion Sets are designed for the administration of certain medications that require large-volume packaging and have less stringent requirements for infusion accuracy. These infusion sets are primarily used for intravenous medication administration to patients who require high-dose medication delivery. The main purpose of these sets is to facilitate the controlled infusion of medications through the process of fluid separation.

The Bottle-Type and Bag-Type Infusion Sets come in various specifications and models, including 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300ml, 350ml, and 400ml. They provide healthcare professionals with a convenient and efficient solution for delivering larger volumes of medications to patients while ensuring a safe and controlled infusion process.

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Mechanism of Medical Infusion Sets: Ensuring Reliable Intravenous Medication Delivery

This mechanism ensures precise control and safe delivery of medication, making infusion sets an indispensable tool in medical practices for intravenous medication administration.

Disposable Infusion sets, commonly used in medical settings, play a crucial role in delivering medications intravenously. They are composed of several interconnected components, including a bottle puncture device, drip chamber, medication filter, infusion tubing, flow regulator, injection port, luer connector, venous needle, and needle protective cap. These disposable medical devices are designed to ensure safe and effective medication administration.

The principle of infusion sets revolves around utilizing atmospheric pressure to facilitate the flow of liquid medication from the bottle into the patient’s veins. As the liquid passes through the tubing, it enters the drip chamber where gravity assists in regulating the flow rate.

When the hydrostatic pressure in the drip chamber exceeds the venous pressure, the liquid is allowed to enter the patient’s bloodstream through the infusion tubing and venous needle.

Differences Between Medical PVC Infusion Sets and TPE Infusion Sets

While traditional infusion sets are made of PVC, the high-performance TPE is considered a safer and higher-performing material for manufacturing disposable infusion sets.

PVC Infusion Sets: The adsorptive nature of PVC may affect the compatibility between certain medications and the infusion set material, potentially compromising the intended treatment.
TPE Infusion Sets: TPE infusion sets demonstrate improved compatibility with medications, ensuring the integrity and safety of drug administration.

Safety and Performance:
PVC Infusion Sets: While widely used, concerns about the safety and performance of PVC infusion sets have been raised due to medication adsorption and plasticizer leaching.
TPE Infusion Sets: TPE infusion sets are considered safer and offer higher performance due to their non-adsorptive nature, absence of plasticizers, and improved compatibility with medications.

Material Composition:
PVC Infusion Sets: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is used as the primary material for manufacturing PVC infusion sets. It contains plasticizers, such as DEHP, which may pose health risks and lead to medication adsorption.
TPE Infusion Sets: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is the material used for producing TPE infusion sets. It does not contain unsaturated double bonds or plasticizers, enhancing compatibility with medications and reducing the risk of adsorption.

Medication Adsorption:
PVC Infusion Sets: PVC has adsorptive properties towards certain medications, which can result in a decrease in clinical efficacy and affect patient treatment outcomes.
TPE Infusion Sets: TPE does not exhibit medication adsorption, ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of the administered medications.

Plasticizer Leaching:
PVC Infusion Sets: Due to the presence of plasticizers like DEHP, PVC infusion sets may leach these chemicals, potentially causing health risks to patients.
TPE Infusion Sets: TPE does not contain plasticizers, eliminating the risk of plasticizer leaching and reducing the associated health concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Intravenous Infusion Sets

In this FAQ section, we addressed common questions related to medical bandages.If you have other questions, you can communicate with us in time. We will answer for you.

Q: What are the common uses of intravenous infusion sets?

A:  Intravenous infusion sets are commonly used for fluid replacement, administration of medications, blood transfusions, nutritional support, and chemotherapy.

Q: What are some common problems that may occur during infusion?

A: Common problems during infusion include infiltration (fluid leakage into surrounding tissues), occlusion (blockage of the tubing), air embolism (presence of air bubbles in the system), and phlebitis (inflammation of the vein).

Q: How can infiltration be prevented during infusion?

Infiltration can be prevented by ensuring proper securement of the catheter, regular monitoring of the infusion site, and promptly addressing any signs of swelling, pain, or coolness at the site.

Q: What should I do if the infusion set becomes blocked?

A: If the infusion set becomes blocked, first check for any kinks in the tubing. If there are no visible kinks, try flushing the tubing with a saline flush solution to dislodge any obstructions. If the problem persists, contact a healthcare professional.

Q: What are the signs of an air embolism during infusion?

A: Signs of an air embolism may include sudden shortness of breath, chest pain, rapid heart rate, dizziness, or loss of consciousness. If you suspect an air embolism, immediately stop the infusion and seek medical assistance.

Q:Can I adjust the infusion rate on my own?

A: No, the infusion rate should only be adjusted by a healthcare professional as per the prescribed order. It is important to follow the prescribed guidelines to ensure the correct dosage and avoid any complications.

Q: Are there any special precautions for administering intravenous medications?

A: Yes, certain medications require specific precautions during administration. It is crucial to follow the medication’s instructions, including dilution, infusion rate, and compatibility with other medications to prevent adverse reactions or interactions.

Q:Can infusion sets be used for blood transfusions?

A: Yes, infusion sets are commonly used for blood transfusions. However, dedicated sets designed specifically for blood transfusion are recommended to minimize the risk of hemolysis or other complications.

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