Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol-wet wipes are medical consumables made from non-woven materials that are soaked in an alcohol solution.

Materials: The materials commonly used in alcohol-wet wipes are non-woven fabrics, alcohol solutions, and purified water.

Specifications: Alcohol-wet wipes come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from small square wipes to larger rectangular ones. They are typically packaged in individual sachets for easy use and to prevent contamination.

Applications: Alcohol-wet wipes are widely used in the medical industry for disinfecting surfaces and medical equipment. They are also used for personal hygiene, such as cleaning hands and wiping down surfaces.



Convenient: Alcohol-wet wipes are easy to use and can be carried around for quick and convenient disinfection.
Effective: The alcohol solution in the wipes is highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses, making it a reliable method of disinfection.
Versatile: Alcohol-wet wipes can be used on various surfaces and for various purposes, making them a versatile cleaning tool.
Affordable: Alcohol-wet wipes are an affordable option for maintaining hygiene and disinfection, making them a popular choice in both medical and personal settings.


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