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At JINYE, we combine our extensive experience in international trade with our expertise in medical consumables to provide unparalleled solutions to the healthcare industry. With over 15 years of excellence, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner, offering a diverse portfolio of products, including wound dressings, syringes, bandages, gauze, surgical supplies, and much more.

Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the market. Experience the JINYE advantage as we empower your healthcare journey.

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Comprehensive Range of Wound Dressings for Every Need

JINYE offer a wide variety of high-quality products to meet diverse requirements in wound care. Our range includes transparent dressings, sterile dressings, hydrocolloid dressings, silicone gel scar dressings, non-woven dressings, alginate dressings, and more. Each dressing is meticulously designed to provide optimal healing, protection, and comfort for different types of wounds.

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Medical Silicone Foam Wound Dressing

Material: Silicone gel, polyurethane film, polyurethane foam, non-adherent paper, super-absorbent fibers (SAF)

Application: This dressing is designed for effective absorption and management of wound exudate. It is suitable for various types of wounds, including abrasions, surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, ulcers, burns, scalds, and infected wounds. The non-adherent properties prevent sticking to the wound bed, ensuring pain-free dressing changes. With its exceptional fluid absorption capacity and gentle adhesion, it provides optimal care for wound healing.

Hydrocolloid Adhesive Wound Dressing Pads, Medical Surgical Dressing

Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing

Composition: The Hydrocolloid Dressing is composed of a non-woven fabric or PU backing, a hydrocolloid absorbent pad, and a non-stick paper layer.

Waterproof PU Film: The dressing features a waterproof PU film that provides excellent adhesion and prevents water penetration. It allows patients to shower without compromising the dressing.

Application: This dressing is suitable for superficial wounds with minimal to moderate exudate. It can be used for acne care, abrasions, cuts, burns, scalds, dermatitis wounds, blister prevention from high-heeled shoes, and post-operative wounds. The hydrocolloid particles in the dressing form a gel-like semi-solid substance that adheres to the wound bed, creating a moist environment conducive to wound healing. It also effectively absorbs wound exudate, providing optimal care for the wound.

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PU Film Indwelling Needle Patch/Transparent Wound Dressing

Application: Our PU Film Indwelling Needle Patch is designed for securing indwelling needles, protecting wounds, covering surgical incisions, sutures, and securing various medical accessories.

Transparent PU Film Dressing: The patch features a transparent PU film dressing that provides a barrier against water while allowing for easy observation of the wound.

Strong Adhesive: With its adhesive properties, the patch ensures reliable fixation and prevents displacement during daily activities, including bathing.

Versatile Usage: The patch can also be used as an umbilical cord protector for infants, offering a gentle and secure solution.

Waterproof and Antibacterial: The waterproof property of the patch effectively prevents water from entering the wound, reducing the risk of infection. It can be safely used during bathing or showering.

Friction Protection: The patch acts as a protective layer, reducing friction and minimizing discomfort caused by external factors rubbing against the wound.


Sterile Adhesive Wound Dressings

Medical Sterile Wound Dressing

Composition: Our Medical Sterile Dressing is composed of medical tape, absorbent pad, and release paper (film).

Postoperative Wound Care: This dressing is specifically designed for postoperative wound care, providing a sterile environment and protection for surgical incisions.

Ideal for Foot Care: It is suitable for foot wounds and offers effective protection and absorption.

Wound Dressing: The dressing can be used for general wound dressing and ensures proper medication application.

Breast Care: It can also serve as a breast pad, providing comfort and support for breastfeeding mothers.

Suitable for Clean Wounds: This dressing is suitable for applying to clean wounds, including post-debridement wounds and postoperative incisions. It is also effective for securing intravenous catheters.

Scar Solutions Medical Grade Silicone Gel Dressings

Medical Silicone Scar Dressing

Features: Our Silicone Scar Dressing is a skin-colored, waterproof, and breathable patch that effectively targets and reduces the appearance of hypertrophic scars.

Ideal for Different Scars: This dressing is suitable for treating scars resulting from external injuries, burns, and postoperative procedures.

PU Non-woven Fabric + Silicone: It consists of a combination of PU non-woven fabric and silicone gel, providing a synergistic effect to promote scar healing and improve overall skin appearance.

Hydrogel Blister Plaster

Hydrogel Blister Plaster

Our Hydrogel Blister Plaster is specifically designed for friction-induced redness and swelling. It is suitable for intact blisters and not recommended for already burst blisters.

Advanced Hydrogel Technology: The plaster utilizes a water-based gel with a polymer network structure that is soft, flexible, and capable of absorbing a significant amount of water.

Key Features: The plaster is waterproof, breathable, gentle on the skin, and leaves no residue after removal.

Non-woven medical eye patch, wound care

Non-woven Eye Patch

Features: Our Non-woven Eye Patch is a single-use, self-adhesive patch. It undergoes sterile processing to prevent infections. The eye patch is made of high-quality, breathable non-woven fabric, and the absorbent pad features a non-sticky membrane to provide optimal wound protection.

Gentle Removal: When it’s time to remove the eye patch, rest assured that it won’t cause any damage to the wound.

Application and Usage: For sterile adhesion, apply the eye patch using the peel-and-stick method. Position the padded side against the wound and gradually peel off the thin film until the dressing is completely applied to the wound.

Materials: Spunlace non-woven fabric, absorbent pad, pressure-sensitive adhesive, release paper.

Seaweed Salt Silver Ion Wound Dressing

Seaweed Salt Silver Ion Dressing is a high-tech dressing crafted through a unique process that combines seaweed alginate extracted from natural marine algae plants with calcium ions. It offers exceptional benefits for various applications, including pressure ulcers, perineal care, bedsores, post-operative wounds, burns, and cuts.

Superior Absorption and Antibacterial Properties: The seaweed salt silver ion dressing has a water absorption rate of ≥20 times its weight and an antibacterial rate of over 80%. It effectively absorbs and locks in exudate, prolonging its usage time while preventing surrounding saturation.

Gel Formation and Moist Wound Environment: Once applied to the wound, the seaweed salt silver ion dressing absorbs wound exudate into its fibers. Through an ion exchange between calcium ions in the dressing and sodium ions in the exudate, the fibers expand significantly, drawing a large amount of exudate into the fibers. This forms a gel-like colloid on the wound, providing a moist environment conducive to wound healing and skin tissue regeneration. It facilitates gas exchange and acts as a physical barrier for the wound.

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Empowering Healing with a Comprehensive Range of Advanced Wound Dressings

In addition to the commonly known wound dressings, we also offer specialized options that you may find valuable. Our lineup includes foam dressings for enhanced absorption, alginate dressings for highly exuding wounds, film dressings for gentle adhesion, and antimicrobial dressings for infection control. Each dressing is carefully crafted using state-of-the-art technologies and adheres to stringent quality standards.

By choosing our advanced wound dressings, you benefit from their exceptional properties. They offer superior moisture management, minimizing the risk of maceration while maintaining an optimal healing environment. Our dressings provide effective exudate management, reducing the frequency of dressing changes and ensuring patient comfort. Additionally, they offer reliable protection against external contaminants and minimize the risk of friction-related complications.

Why Choose Us

At JINYE, we understand the importance of selecting the right wound dressings for optimal patient care and healing outcomes.

Unmatched Quality and Expertise:
We take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional quality wound dressings. Our products are meticulously crafted using advanced manufacturing processes and adhere to stringent quality standards.

Comprehensive Range of Solutions:
We offer a comprehensive range of wound dressings designed to address various wound types and clinical needs. From traditional dressings to advanced technologies, our product portfolio includes transparent dressings, foam dressings, hydrocolloid dressings, and more.

Customer-Centric Approach:
At JINYE, we prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our customers. We strive to build long-term relationships by providing exceptional service and support.

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Choosing the right wound dressings is crucial for promoting healing and preventing complications. With JINYE as your trusted partner, you can be confident in the quality, efficacy, and reliability of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this FAQ section, we addressed common questions related to medical dressing.If you have other questions, you can communicate with us in time. We will answer for you.

Q:What is the purpose of a wound dressing?

A: Wound dressings serve multiple purposes, including protecting the wound from external contaminants, promoting healing, controlling bleeding, absorbing exudate, and providing a moist environment conducive to wound recovery.

Q:How does a hydrocolloid dressing work?

A: Hydrocolloid dressing provide hydration to the wound bed, which helps to promote autolytic debridement and facilitate granulation tissue formation.

Q:Can I use a hydrocolloid dressing on a deep wound?

A: Hydrocolloid dressings are typically suitable for shallow to moderately deep wounds. For deep wounds, consult your healthcare provider for appropriate dressings and wound care management.

Q:Are sterile dressings suitable for all types of wounds?

A: Sterile dressings are suitable for various types of wounds, including surgical incisions, lacerations, abrasions, and other non-infected wounds. Follow your healthcare provider’s guidance for wound-specific dressings.

Q:How do alginate dressings absorb wound exudate?

A: Alginate dressings form a gel-like substance when in contact with wound exudate. The gel absorbs and locks in the exudate, creating a moist wound-healing environment.

Q:Can I shower or bathe with a transparent film dressing?

A: Transparent film dressings are generally water-resistant and allow showering or bathing. However, excessive water exposure or rubbing may compromise the dressing’s integrity.

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