Biohazard Sharps Container

Biohazard Sharps Container is a specialized container designed for the safe disposal of used sharps, such as needles, syringes, and other medical instruments that can puncture the skin. It is an essential tool for preventing the spread of infection and contamination in medical facilities.

Biohazard Sharps Container is commonly made from puncture-resistant materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP), ensuring that the sharp objects inside do not puncture through the container walls and cause accidental exposure.

Common specifications of Biohazard Sharps Container include various sizes and capacities, ranging from 1 liter to over 20 liters, with different opening mechanisms such as sliding or rotating lids, and different disposal methods such as incineration or

Biohazard Sharps Container is widely used in medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, where sharps are frequently used and disposed of. It is also used in non-medical settings such as tattoo parlors, dental offices, and veterinary clinics, where sharps are similarly used.


The advantages of Biohazard Sharps Container include:

  • Safe and effective disposal of sharps, reducing the risk of injury and infection to medical personnel and patients.
  • Compliance with strict regulations and guidelines for safe medical waste disposal.
  • Easy to use and transport, with secure and leak-proof designs.
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, with options for reusable or recyclable containers.
  • Provides peace of mind and reassurance to medical personnel and patients that their safety is a top priority.


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