Dental Bib

Dental Bibs, also known as Dental Aprons, are a type of medical consumable that are widely used in dental clinics and hospitals.

These bibs are made from high-quality materials such as tissue paper or polyethylene and are designed to be lightweight, absorbent, and waterproof.

Commonly, these bibs come in standard sizes of 13 x 18 inches and are available in a range of colors to suit the preferences of patients and clinicians.

The primary application scenario of dental bibs is during dental procedures, where they are placed over a patient’s chest and neck to protect their clothing from contamination by saliva, blood, or other fluids. Dental bibs are also used in various other medical procedures where protection from contamination is required.


The advantages of Dental Bibs are numerous. Firstly, they are an inexpensive and convenient solution to keep patients clean and comfortable during dental procedures. Secondly, they help to reduce the spread of infection by protecting both the patient and the clinician from cross-contamination. Thirdly, they are easily disposable, reducing the risk of biohazardous waste. Fourthly, they are available in a range of colors, making them customizable to match the decor of dental clinics or hospitals. Lastly, they can be easily stored and accessed, making them a practical choice for healthcare settings.

In summary, Dental Bibs are an essential medical consumable that plays a crucial role in protecting both patients and clinicians from contamination during medical procedures.


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