Light-Resistant Infusion Set

The Disposable Light-Resistant Infusion Set is a specialized medical apparatus equipped with a light-protective chamber and tubing, designed to safeguard light-sensitive medications from degradation caused by exposure to ambient light.

Materials: Medical Grade PVC

Tube length: 120cm, 150cm

Needle: Intravenous needle or sterile needle

Tube color: brown color, Transparent or elastic frosted or Customized

Luer lock connector: PP or ABS or PVC



Specifications of Light Proof Infusion Set

Tube Length: Available in standard lengths ranging from 150cm to 180cm, providing flexibility in patient care settings.
Flow Rate: Designed to accommodate various flow rates, allowing precise control during the infusion process.
Needle Gauge: Offers a range of needle gauges to suit different patient requirements and therapy types.
Compatibility: Compatible with standard IV catheters, infusion pumps, and medical equipment commonly used in healthcare facilities.

Various application scenarios of light-proof infusion sets

Principle of Light Proof Infusion Set
Ultraviolet (UV) light, especially in the UV zone, carries immense energy, making it prone to triggering reactions within medications. These reactions can damage the active components of drugs, rendering them less effective.

Light Proof Infusion Sets are ingeniously designed with light-absorbing agents incorporated into their tubing. These agents have the unique ability to absorb UV light, thus shielding the medication from potential decomposition.

National Regulations and Light Protection:
In accordance with national regulations, these disposable infusion sets are tailored to shield medications effectively within the wavelength range of 290nm to 450nm. This ensures that your medications remain potent and safe, even under various lighting conditions. Choose Light Proof Infusion Set for secure and effective drug administration.


Application of Disposable Light Proof Infusion Set

Oncology: Ideal for delivering light-sensitive chemotherapeutic agents, ensuring their stability and effectiveness during treatment.
Phototherapy: Used in the administration of light-sensitive solutions for photodynamic therapy, treating conditions like skin cancer and macular degeneration.
Critical Care: Essential in critical care units for the administration of light-sensitive medications, including vasopressors and certain antibiotics.
Neonatal Care: Suitable for neonatal and pediatric patients requiring light-protected infusions to maintain the efficacy of sensitive medications.
Home Healthcare: Provides a convenient solution for patients receiving light-sensitive treatments in the comfort of their homes, minimizing the need for hospital visits.

Light Proof Infusion Set
Light Proof Infusion Set



  1. Double-layer Structure: Adopting a double-layer structure to prevent the leaching of light-blocking agents from the inner layer.
  2. Stable Light-Blocking Performance: Eliminating the impact of light on medications during the infusion process, especially for advanced ward nutrition infusion and administration of light-sensitive drugs.
  3. Precise Metering: Equipped with a drip chamber and calibrated drip tube, allowing the visualization of drop counts during medication administration. Approximately 1 ml equals 20 or 60 drops. The air filter has a filtration efficiency of over 90% for particles larger than 0.5μm.
  4. Universal Compatibility: Produced according to international standards, featuring 6:100 taper connectors with both threaded and non-threaded designs. Accurate dimensions and lightweight design facilitate easy connection with any brand of syringe or infusion device.
  5. Complete Sterile Protection: The infusion set is equipped with a sterile protective cover at the terminal, maintaining a sterile inner surface. Advanced protective covers feature a water-resistant and breathable membrane, automatically expelling gas from the infusion set, ensuring convenient use.
  6. Professional Clinical Functionality: For the need to inject other medications into the veins, a dedicated accessory can be used to supplement the infusion without the need for additional subcutaneous puncture.
  7. Wide Variety: Available in various types such as double steel needle, plastic cannula, blow-molded drip chamber, injection-molded drip chamber, and high resilience type. Complete specifications to meet diverse customer requirements.
  8. Multiple Packaging Options: Offering a range of packaging forms, including all-plastic and paper-plastic packaging, for customers to choose from.


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